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We produce compressed air directly from your
waste heat - unique worldwide!


Our compressed air producing waste heating power station

Thanks to our DeVeTec technology, there is the unique possibility of driving the air compressor directly with the piston expander of your heating power station. In direct comparison with other methods of compressed air production, the advantages become clearly apparent:

Advantages of the DeVeTec waste heat power plant for compressed air production compared to conventional ways

 Three sizes are available for the production of compressed air. For larger quantities of heat, it is also possible to combine several heating power stations, even with different uses:

Overview of values and potentials of our compressed air-producing waste heat power plant


Each heating power station is equipped with the exact air compressor that enables the use of compressed air at your particular site:

  • The pressure level is selected so that our compressed air-producing heating power station can primarily feed compressed air into the compressed air network.
  • The compressed air conditioning is part of the heating power station and is executed according to your individual customer specifications.
  • The oil-free compressed air production is a natural part of our range of services.
  • It is possible to use the heat from the compressor cooling.



As a rule, our heating power stations are equipped with compressors and suitable compressed air conditioning from the world market leader Atlas Copco. Very good experience has been gained with the combination of the piston expander with the oil-free compressors of the Z series from Atlas Copco:

Atlas Copco compressors - in use at compressed air-producing DeVeTec waste heat power plant













Every heating power station reduces the CO2 emissions:

  • Displacing conventionally electric-powered compressed air reduces the amount of electricity drawn from the transmission grid. The CO2 emissions associated with electricity production can thus be avoided.
  • The use of the useful heat from our waste heating power station leads to a reduction in the purchase of fossil fuels, such as natural gas or fuel oil, and thus to a reduction in the emissions generated during combustion.

Potential savings in CO2 emissions by means of our compressed air-producing waste heat power plant

Gain from your waste heat



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